NeuraFlash April Webinar Series

April 1, 2020
NeuraFlash Team

NeuraFlash is kicking off Spring with the launch of our April Webinar Series.

This is a challenging time for all of us as we are facing unexpected challenges brought on by the current crisis. At NeuraFlash, we're here to support you in anyway we can! We're all in this together.

In light of that, we have teamed up with our partners, customers and experts to bring great learning opportunities right to your home office!

Sign up for one or all of these great webinars!

APRIL 9th 

Increase Revenue and Visibility with Field Service Lightning: From Clipboards and Spreadsheets to Digital Transformation. 

NeuraFlash's Jason Kitchen and Nicole Tompkins will be speaking with Customer Joseph Taylor from Spirit Services as he walks through their Salesforce Field Service Lightning Journey. The webinar will cover the challenges, lessons learned, change management and best practices around implementing Field Service Lightning.  

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Women in Manufacturing: High Impact Leadership in Times of Transformation 

Unexpected pandemics, new digital platforms, and generational changes have changed the way we live and work. As the world navigates its new normal, we’ve invited three transformational leaders to speak about how they lead their organizations through transformation.This interactive event brings together high performing leaders who will share with us their professional journeys.

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APRIL 23rd

The New Virtual Contact Center

Ready or not brands of all sizes are having to adapt to a remote and digital world. So, what does the future of the contact center, help desks, or customer care organizations look like? How can we leverage technology, to better prepare us for a virtual and remote word tomorrow?  

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APRIL 30th

The Role of Chatbots in Times of Transformation

Learn from NeuraFlash Chatbot and Salesforce Einstein Bot Experts about how sales chatbots will play a key role in a businesses digital transformation. You’ll answer questions like: What are Chatbots? What Roles do they play? How can they help businesses? And How to easily start your Bot journey today.  

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We hope to see you online! 

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