NeuraFlash Moms Focus on Fulfillment this Mother’s Day

May 3, 2022

No matter your career choice, your title as 'mom' is no doubt the most important one. Between changing diapers, setting up playdates & juggling work calls, we have all realized at some point that a perfect work-life balance is likely impossible to achieve, but that focusing on ‘fulfillment’ is the key to being both busy & happy!

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we chatted with some of our amazing NeuraFlash moms — women at the top of their professional game who have managed to grow their career & raise a family — & asked them:

How do you do it?!

1. Remember what you do it all for

“Picking up my daughter every evening from daycare reminds me what I am working for.  When she is home & awake, my laptop is closed, because I don’t want to miss those special moments.  I do my best to give 110% during work hours & 110% during family time!” -Kelsey Chisholm

2. It’s okay to set boundaries 

“As a working mom, one of the hardest, yet most rewarding skills I’ve had to learn is to set, keep & prioritize your boundaries. Most everyone around you will respect those boundaries if you respect them yourself; & the reward is dedicated quality time with your kids, productive time for your work & personal wellness time for yourself.” -Amanda Cowan 

3. Share loving moments with your children

“Giving your children 100% of your attention & stepping away from your laptop is vital. When they are leaving the house, giving them a hug goodbye shows them that you are devoted to them & not work, even if they see you working all hours of the day. Multitasking with work & not saying goodbye could turn into regret- don’t go there, a hug only takes a few seconds!” -Siobhan Farrelly

4.  Find what works for you

“I love that I now have a career that affords me an amazing work-life balance. Sometimes that balance is allowing my son to use one side of my desk as a race track for his hot wheel races… & I love it!” -ShaniQua Gilbert-Capote

5. Enjoy some time for yourself ‍to avoid burnout 

“I try to incorporate self care routines throughout the day (whether that is breathing exercises, taking a quick stroll, etc).” -Annamaria Hickman

6. Forget the guilt

“I always try to keep in perspective that we all know our children best- what works & what doesn’t work with their individual personalities. Kids are happiest when parents are happiest. If spending time with your children means skipping dinner & ordering the french fries, do it!” -Meg Cast

7. You can live an imperfect ‘balanced’ life

“I'm going to piggyback off of Gary Kelly's quote about work-life balance. "Work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls - family, health, friends, integrity - are made of glass. If you drop one of these, it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered." When I think of my work-life balance, I don't think of each day & hope that there was a perfect balance of accomplishing my tasks at work, spending time with my kids, catching up with my husband & having a conversation with a friend or two. I rarely, if ever, achieve that, & I definitely don't keep track of those days. However, when I give myself the week or month, a bit more time, there is balance. There has to be balance in my life or else something or someone will suffer. Some days, work takes the lead, sometimes it's our kids, or the neighborhood kids who need to talk to me, or my husband who has a soccer game, or the friend that had something tragic happen to them. Whatever it is, I know work will always be there. It will always bounce back. However, family, friends, my health... those may not bounce back & therefore, take precedence when the time comes. That to me is an imperfect "balanced" life, & the way I am choosing to live these days as someone's friend, mentor, coach, sibling, daughter, & mother…I wouldn't trade it for any other way.” -Nichole Greco 


Never forget that you are setting a great example for your children! Not only are you providing financially, but you’re also demonstrating hard work & determination. Happy Mother’s Day!

Our very own La Keisha Burton said it best - "I'll never regret the blessings that call me ‘Mommy’!” 

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