Casie Lemaire
May 3, 2019

Neuraflash Retail Spotlight - Customers

Intelligent Experiences integrating Salesforce with the power of A.I.
Neuraflash Retail Spotlight - Customers

Intelligent Experiences integrating Salesforce with the power of A.I.


How can Brands MAXIMIZE SALES with their most important customers?
“the top 5% of clients account for 40% of sales for many brands...these clients must be provided with an additional level of service to deepen relationships and drive the disproportionate share of sales.”
- CEO Luxury Institute - July 2016

Innovative Solutions to keep your best customers coming back – Personalization, Prediction, Clienteling & Bots


Customers prefer personalized experiences. When a Brand demonstrates they understand their likes, preferences, and patterns, customers will become more loyal. Personalization starts with data from your Salesforce Success Platform and applications that transform those customer insights into actions.

Prediction: Next Best Action & Offers

In the Contact Center, Customer Service Agents are often tasked with both Service and Sales functions –a difficult broad set of tasks to say the least. What Agents need to be successful with both missions are tools that can help them predict with a high level of accuracy what action they should take next when servicing, and also what product or service is most appropriate for upsell.

For example, no customer wants to spend time searching Knowledge Articles and opening support cases when they are having an issue with a product. What if you could predict when a customer is highly likely to experience an issue, and proactively engage with helpful information to avoid an issue? Or, what if your team had predictive intelligence in Service Cloud that could recommend products and services that align with the customers preferences?

These predictive applications leverage the Salesforce Service Cloud platform and console, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence to drastically improve Agent efficiency and performance – increasing customer satisfaction and revenue.


Creating great relationships with customers is a key to building loyalty and repeat business. Clienteling is one way to provide deeply personal experiences your customers will truly appreciate. Often times data about your customers is confined to the information you have about online experiences. Tapping into in-store Guest Wi-Fi and IoT capabilities can provide richer data about your customers and give you the capability to identify key customers when they enter the store and attend to them quickly and personally.

For example, a high value customer enters the store and signs onto Guest Wi-Fi. Their device and email address are identified, preferences found, and a store associate is notified via Salesforce1. The store associate can see the customer’s preferences in Salesforce1, even items left in an online cart, and receive “best offer” information from a predictive application. Better experiences & increased revenue per customer – a great combination.

Chatbots: Conversational Commerce

According to Business Insider, “Messaging Apps are now bigger than social networks” – with the top 4 Messaging apps accounting for 500M more users than the top 4 Social Networks. There is no doubt Brands need to consider where their customers are, and have a well-defined strategy for Conversational Commerce across several dimensions: Messaging Applications, Human Agents, and Chatbots. Bots play a very crucial role, answer simple questions, suggest products and services, deflect chats from costly human Agents (huge ROI), gather information for more precise escalation to Agents, and provide 24x7 access to your Brand – tangible business benefits when properly designed and implemented. You can apply this exciting technology across your digital channels including Live Agent Chat, E-Mail, Community Cloud, Mobile Apps and Messaging.

Your Team

Most of all, it is imperative that your Customer Service team members are armed with the best tools possible to service each customer. Salesforce’s Success Platform and Service Cloud, designed and implemented by NeuraFlash with deep A.I. and Contact Center Experience, serves as the foundation for providing personalized customer experiences and as the cornerstone of Personalization, Clienteling, and Conversational Commerce.

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