Implement these 5 Salesforce Einstein Features to Maximize Your Service Cloud Investment

Service Cloud Best Practices #4 | You want to empower your sales team and customer service agents with tools and information to help them quickly engage, personalize, and resolve questions for your customers, so you’ve purchased or are about to purchase...
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Implement these 5 Salesforce Einstein Features to Maximize Your Service Cloud Investment

You want to empower your sales team and customer service agents with tools and information to help them quickly engage, personalize, and resolve questions for your customers, so you’ve purchased or are about to purchase Salesforce Service Cloud. Or maybe you’ve deployed Service Cloud with another partner or internally and haven’t achieved your expectations for return on investment, usability and customer experience.

Help is here! We’ve put together a series of Service Cloud Implementation “Best Practice” articles, which shows you how to optimize your CRM investment and provide your end-users and customers with the best experience possible. You can view the previous posts in the series herehere, and here.

Fourth in our Best Practice series are our reasons why it makes sense to implement these 5 Salesforce Einstein features.

  • What it is: A Salesforce tool that lets your reps initiate a personalized live, text-only web and mobile chat with visitors.
  • Why use it?
  • Customers can seamlessly chat with your employees to work through issues and get them resolved quickly in real time, providing a better customer experience.
  • Live chats can be escalated to a supervisor when necessary to experts in a transparent way for the customer.
  • Reduces average interaction costs – the fact that agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously reduces cost.
  • For many customers chat is less stressful than talking to a stranger on the phone. And according to studies, 67% of all consumers find live chat easy to use.
  • Add self-service with NLP based conversational chatbot.
Live Agent
  • What it is: Lets you engage with customers through the messaging apps they choose, such as Facebook Messenger and SMS/MMS – all directly within the Salesforce Service Cloud. The conversations are seamlessly aggregated into the Service Cloud Agent Console.
  • Why use it?
  • Allow your customers the ability to text “in the moment” a 1-800 or business number for 2-way conversations instead calling.
  • Achieve stronger ROI by moving customers off phone channel to messaging where employees can handle 4-6 conversations at once – with all the context and intelligence they need to resolve problems.
  • Increase the outbound engagement by upwards of 50% using SMS and Facebook Messenger.
  • Add unique abilities for sales and service in your contact center with the use of picture messaging or case follow-ups with videos.
  • Consolidates communication across multiple messaging apps.
  • Provides best practice customer service – many people use messaging apps like Facebook Messenger to interact with friends already, so it’s only logical that they want to interact with companies that way too.
  • Increase sales by allowing for 2-way conversations from your Facebook Ads.
  • Use a combination of Einstein bots and human agents, starting with bots for simple interactions, and then transferring to humans for more complex questions.
  • What it is: If your company employs field service agents or technicians, it’s a system that is designed to keep track of the various components of field operations, which can be complex, including things like inventory management, vehicle tracking, scheduling, customer portals, and more.
  • Why use it?
  • Eliminates the miscommunications, delays, and incorrect or incomplete information that typically afflict teams of service agents.
  • Enhances productivity of both the managers and field technicians by incorporating algorithmically enhanced scheduling and providing access to real-time data from any device.
  • Harness the power of Einstein AI with Einstein Vision to increase first-time fix rate utilizing image recognition to immediately identify the product, issue and correct tasks needed to complete the job.
  • Automated, truth-based operational insights optimize schedules and intelligently assign jobs to the right resource based on time, skills, geolocation and any relevant business rules customized to your business needs.
  • Smart scheduling and tracking of service crews, equipment/parts, and trucks.
  • Mobile capabilities for Field Technicians allow visibility into on-site status, increased value-added sales opportunities and e-signature capture.
  • Allows for monitoring the status of jobs more easily via real-time analytics and live video feeds, therefore making on-site service more efficient.
Salesforce FSL
  • What it is: Gives you the ability to build a comprehensive Knowledge Base (a collection of articles with relevant information about your products and services) inside of Salesforce to securely service your internal agents, partners, and customers. Articles can include information on process or frequently asked questions and are published to a range of channels including Internal App, customer and partner communities, or public websites.
  • Why use it?
  • Provide a self-service model for your customers to solve their own issues, which in turn helps deflect cases away from agents.
  • From a customer perspective, knowledge databases can provide faster case resolution.
  • Share relevant articles through four main channels, depending on where your customers are.
  • Knowledge is flexible – its fast to implement, has some powerful native features and can be integrated into your own applications.
  • What it is: Branded spaces for your employees, customers, and partners to connect – completely integrated into your Salesforce organization. You can customize and create Communities to meet your business needs and move seamlessly between them. Everything that occurs within the community is captured in Salesforce, allowing you to take direct action based on that data.
  • Why use it?
  • Share information with and collect information you’re your constituents and partners, ultimately streamlining complex processes that may have previously involved back and forth emails, attachments, and paperwork.
  • Drives more sales by connecting your employees with your distributors, resellers, and suppliers.
  • Extends your brand and allow for faster problem resolution in many situations.
  • Manage social listening, content, engagement, and workflow all in one place.
Fitbit community

Need help implementing Salesforce Einstein features? Whether you’re just starting out with Service Cloud, or want to make sure you’ve got your system set up optimally, NeuraFlash can help your organization implement Salesforce Einstein features that provide extraordinary experiences for your agents and customers.

NeuraFlash is an innovative Salesforce Product and Consulting Partner, headquartered in Boston with offices in the San Francisco and NYC area, deploying intelligent solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence, including conversational chatbots across the digital channels (Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, SMS, mobile apps), Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Einstein® solutions, to provide compelling customer experiences and improve employee productivity. Our team includes Certified Salesforce Consultants, as well as A.I., Digital Channels and Contact Center experts with decades of industry experience. NeuraFlash is 100% committed to exceptional customer service. Look out for our new Intelligent Chabot solution in the Salesforce AppExchange by Dreamforce 17. For more information, call 1-844-638-7235 or visit

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