Kelsey Chisholm
Jul 13, 2021

What does Salesforce's New Offering, Workforce Engagement, Mean for the Future of Contact Centers?

What does Salesforce's New Offering, Workforce Engagement, Mean for the Future of Contact Centers?

What does Salesforce's New Offering, Workforce Engagement, Mean for the Future of Contact Centers?

Workforce Engagement Drives Operational Efficiency in Contact Centers!

Due to the pandemic, many companies faced a new workforce management nightmare. It wasn’t easy for supervisors to manage & route requests when agents were in one place & it became ever harder when working remote was the new normal. To help answer that problem, Salesforce developed a new product called Service Cloud Workforce Engagement.

With employees continuing to work in a virtual setup, getting the customer to the right agent, with the right skills, at the right time can have a huge impact on business revenue. Workforce Engagement is truly essential for businesses who are looking to drive operational efficiency!

An integrated approach like this has never existed before, but is truly something Contact Centers need moving forward.

So, what is Workforce Engagement &  how can it help your business?

If you are looking to run a better Contact Center to help your business, employees, & customers all win...Workforce Engagement & it’s data-driven planning tools, will help you meet workload demands more efficiently! Your employees win with flexible scheduling tools, better career ownership, & growth opportunities. Your customers win because service is swifter & the agents who support them are the best match!

The work, planning, & skills of a company all need to be connected in the Contact Center. Operational efficiency has always been a trend in customer service, so to keep moving towards success, service leaders must find ways to face some of the new challenges that have emerged in the last few years:

  • Customer service requests come in multiple communication channels these days... phone, email, SMS, live chat, Facebook, & Twitter...just to name a few. 
  • Contact Centers are dealing with a huge surge in the volume of questions because of recent, unprecedented events.
  • Service leaders are managing staffing resources amid the transition to a more popular work-from-home environment.

With Workforce Engagement’s powerful combination of omni-channel routing & planning, intelligent demand forecasting, & human-centric agent scheduling & training, supervisors can conquer these challenges & set their agents up to do their best work from one, cloud-based platform.

“With Service Cloud Workforce Engagement, Salesforce will arm the Contact Center with a connected solution — all on one platform so our customers can remain resilient & agile no matter what tomorrow may bring.” - Bill Patterson, EVP & General Manager, CRM Applications at Salesforce

What does this mean for the future of the Contact Centers?

Automated workforces are the future! Unifying service planning, processes, & people with Workforce Engagement is more essential to a company’s success than ever. Without it, a work-from-anywhere team will feel disconnected because agents won’t have the ability to reach their full potential, managers will lack visibility, & planners won’t be able to plan accurately.

“In the Contact Center of the future, human creativity is critical. Agents already see this in their daily work: 77% of service agents say their role now is more strategic than it was two years ago.” -Salesforce

If you plan to use this brilliant Salesforce innovation to prepare for the Contact Center of the future, contact us today! Our team with expertise, knowledge, & professional experience is ready to help!

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