Kelsey Chisholm
Jun 18, 2021

Salesforce Launches Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

Deliver exceptional customer service by accurately assigning the right agents at the right time. Future-proof your contact center with workforce management tools designed for real-time flexibility.
Salesforce Launches Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

Salesforce Launches Service Cloud Workforce Engagement

The first ever omni-channel planning solution built natively on the Salesforce platform!

In today’s environment, to provide outstanding customer experiences, it is essential for companies to staff the right agents, with the right skills, at the right time… & that’s where Service Cloud Workforce Engagement comes in!

As the go-to Workforce Engagement partner, we are thrilled to announce the launch of this new product! Hussein Emam, Director of Salesforce Workforce Engagement & Contact Centers here at NeuraFlash, will be engaging & building relationships with Salesforce Product Managers & key alliances associated with the Workforce Engagement platform to build a team that delivers great results for customers.

“Hussein’s industry experience & commitment to his work will be invaluable as we develop this new emerging practice focused on Salesforce Workforce Engagement!” -Brett Chisholm, CEO, NeuraFlash

What is Workforce Engagement?

Workforce Engagement allows service departments to improve workforce performance, maintain agility, & match customer demands with dynamic intelligent forecasting & multi-channel, multi-skill capacity planning. It also empowers team staffing optimization with powerful executive dashboards, agent empowerment with personalized real-time onboarding & coaching as well as learning within the flow of work - all on one single, agile platform that can be fully integrated from any source!

Workforce Engagement will round out the Service Cloud components, which also includes customer service CRM, customer communications channels & field service.

What are the main benefits of Workforce Engagement?

Workforce Engagement enables companies to predict, plan, schedule, & staff their service centers with day to day dynamic forecasting accuracy through the following features:

Intelligently Forecast Demand

  • Customers can stay ahead of changing business priorities & customer trends with day-to-day dynamic forecasting accuracy that is built to scale for today, tomorrow, & for whatever lies ahead! Now, they can predict customer demands, & maintain agility to improve operational & staffing plan accuracy.

Plan & Act Quickly for Any Scenario

  • Planners can curate insights from the forecast to optimize scenarios across all channels. This drives improved customer satisfaction as planners balance staffing needs with the right agents, with the right resources, at the right time. Simulations based on outliers help adjust staffing models in an instant!

Empower Agents with Personalized Training

  • Customers can now deliver myTrailhead learning modules directly to the agent in the console, gaining visibility into agent skill gaps & employee long-term performance. Learning accomplishments are tracked which leads to deeper knowledge, engagement, & stemming agent attrition.

Deliver a Modern, Unified Experience

  • All of this is built on Salesforce! The power of the platform allows your customers to connect & integrate all systems & tools with Mulesoft, get rid of manual spreadsheets, analyze, & plan with AI & Automation, & Customer 360 built-in. Continuous learning is also curated & delivered at the moment with myTrailhead.

As a trusted AI & Platinum Consulting of Salesforce, our team here at NeuraFlash is obsessed with delivering measurable outcomes & exceeding expectations for our customers! If you plan to use Workforce Engagement to solve contact center inefficiencies, empower service leaders, & coach agents to deliver trusted customer service experiences, contact us today! 

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