Service Transformation with AI & Einstein

Go beyond basic reporting and leverage custom dashboards tailored to your contact center KPIs. Integrate external data sources into one dashboard, employ powerful visualization, and uncover trends.
Einstein Analytics: Go Beyond Simple Reporting
Performance Review
Visibility into important information necessary to understanding Call Center performance
Detailed insights to monitor and enhance design flows and processes to improve engagements
Data patterns
Design improvements
Content needs
Einstein Prediction Builder
Stay ahead of the curve with Einstein Prediction Builder
Allows you to predict outcomes:
Risk of Attrition
CSAT Score
Days to Close (Case)
Einstein Discovery
Meet your On-Call Contact Center Data Scientist
Deep-dive into your data
Fine-tune your Contact Center performance by optimizing specific variables story
Find out what affects your outcomes and why exploring the following questions:
What Has Happened? Why Did It Happen? What Has Changed Over Time? What is Likely to Happen? What Can I Do To Improve?
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