The New Age of Service

with Salesforce & NeuraFlash
Salesforce Service Cloud is the time saving, customer centric, relationship building software enhanced with AI. Leverage all channels, intelligent routing, elegant design & Best Practices w/ the Intelligent service experts.
NeuraFlash helps you leverage AI, Digital Channels, intelligent routing, elegant design, and best practices to turn your call centers into profit centers.
Empower Customers and Agents with Self Service & Agent assist
Automation can assist in reducing average handle time of cases and providing agents the ability to be more productive throughout the work day.
Intelligent design, routing & best practices from a best in class team
Omni-Channel based routing can help ensure your customer issues are triaged to the appropriate service agents based on queue capacity or skill based routing.

In a mobile first world, provide all channels for your customers
In today’s call centers cases are coming in from various channels making them  difficult to sort and prioritize. Neuraflash can help to manage the various work streams and ensure your customers are prioritized to receive the service they deserve.
CTI leveraging Cisco, Twilio, and/or New Voice Media
CTI can help bridge the gap between inbound calls and Service Cloud. Screen pops directly in the Service Cloud Console will ensure agents are not toggling between multiple systems or screens
AI & Automation can help enhance the service experience for the Agent & the Customer. As the AI partner for Salesforce, we can help you leverage AI to increase Agent Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction.
Einstein Bots for Service
Reduce wait customer queue times and increase agent efficiency with automation
Einstein Case Classification
Save agents time and improve accuracy and completion with predicted field values.
Einstein Next Best Action
Use AI to automate recommend actions and offers to customers.
The Right Partner is Important
Thinkers & Doers
We are here every step of the way. From Needs Assessment, Design, Implementation, and to Optimization.
Start with Neuraflash
Core Salesforce implementation & optimization, set your companies up for success in beginning.
Innovative Experts
With our deep expertise of customer service, Salesforce, and AI we have work arounds and optimization programs for every challenge.
All-Star Team
We are Salesforce consultants, Contact Center enthusiasts and AI Experts. All ready to help you get the most out of your SFDC investment.
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