Salesforce Community Cloud Implementation

Create Customized Communities

The Salesforce Community Cloud® will directly connect you with customers, increase partner success, and drive employee productivity. Now your employees can focus on the more complex cases while potentially upselling customers on new products or services.

Build relationships with your customers, partners
and employees using Salesforce Communities

NeuraFlash’s experienced certified team provides customer, partner and employee community solutions, as well as best practices to increase customer engagement, loyalty, and case deflection. NeuraFlash will help you identify applications that deliver additional value to your business by customizing your Community Cloud implementation.

NeuraFlash Community
Cloud Accelerators

If you just want to get a new solution up and running quickly at a good cost structure, NeuraFlash offers Community Cloud Accelerators. Read more. Alternatively, NeuraFlash offers more customized Communities including integrating many data sources.

Salesforce Community Cloud
Einstein® and ChatBots

Utilize Community Cloud Einstein® to identify recommended posts, relevant knowledge articles and to sell faster & smarter. Leveraging best-in-class A.I. technology, we offer ChatBots with “Intelligent” Web Chat (via Live Agent®) to support any Community Cloud deployment. The benefit of ChatBots is a far higher self-service and containment rate as customers can get answers they are looking for quicker.

NeuraFlash’s Standard
Community Cloud Implementation
approach consists of 4 main phases:


  • Identify goals and needs for businesses
  • Review current systems and perform gap analysis
  • Assess the adoption challenges


  • Create & develop on-boarding instructions for new customers, partners or employees
  • Develop various engagement programs
  • Build best practices for adoption and engagement


  • Create a build plan and timelines
  • Identify & build key components
  • Rollout in an iterative approach & phase the releases


  • Create various reports and dashboards to identify quantitative metrics
  • Assess the gaps after rollout and build a release schedule
Salesforce Community Cloud Einstein® & A.I. Solutions by
NeuraFlash – More Personalized Experiences

NeuraFlash’s Intelligent Solutions for Community Cloud Einstein® will create more personalized self-service.

Einstein for Partner Community

  • Recommended Posts
  • Relevant Knowledge Articles
  • Sell faster & smarter

Einstein for Community Cloud

  • Increased Self Service using Conversational ChatBots
  • Automated Case Escalations
  • Answer Prediction for Q&A