Salesforce Solutions for Retail

Whether in-store or online, your biggest differentiator is a great customer experience.

Transform Sales & Service Agents into Brand Ambassadors

It’s harder than ever before to compete in the Retail space. The industry has traditionally been dominated by big box stores, but today it’s a crowded space with online retailers who bring disruptive cost advantages, endless inventory and near immediate delivery. Consequently, Relationship Retailing has become the new competitive battlefield, and each touchpoint and interaction counts.

By using the Salesforce Success Platform, your employees can transform into true Brand Ambassadors.  They will have a 360 degree view of the customer across all channels including customer purchase history, product details and recommended actions. This means making the right offer at the right time, providing the correct case answers and delivering a differentiating customer experience during every interaction! Powered by Einstein and our A.I. Retail solutions, NeuraFlash can make all of these predictive actions automated to make agents more efficient.

Salesforce Retail CRM plus NeuraFlash’s expertise equals high performance

Stock up on Customer Loyalty with Personalized Experiences

Customers expect personalized products and services. They want you to know them, their preferences and their needs without having to be explicit during each and every interaction. Those expectations extend into all aspects of their relationship with your brand, including their in-store, online,customer service and support experiences. NeuraFlash, using PredictionIO (Salesforce Einstein®) will help in implementing Salesforce Retail solutions that provide personalized service and sales journeys with customers.

Whether automation for your Customer Service Agents, Self-Service solutions for your Digital Channels, Predictive Analytics, or Clienteling solutions in your stores, NeuraFlash will be the trusted partner you can count on!