Casie Lemaire
Feb 14, 2019

3 Webinar Takeaways: Automate Service & Increase Customer Satisfaction with AI

3 Webinar Takeaways: Automate Service & Increase Customer Satisfaction with AI

As soon as executives first conceived that artificial intelligence could automate meaningful amounts of customer service work, expectations have been sky high. However, the technology couldn’t keep up with the hype over the last few years; we’ve seen disappointments, tech malfunctions and a few PR disasters, all in the effort to bring substantial, real automation into customer service. But now, technology has caught up.

Salesforce, DigitalGenius, and NeuraFlash teamed up to showcase their complementary technologies and expertise in delivering the experience your customers are looking for, and the tools your agents need to provide it. Using artificial intelligence to optimize your contact centers not only gives each customer a unique experience, but it also improves agent efficiency, reduces average agent handling time, and increases the return on investment.

You can view the full webinar here, and for those of you in a hurry, we wanted to reflect on the three core takeaways from the presentations, and help you assess if your business is ready to begin the AI journey.

#1 Salesforce Einstein Bots are a complete platform, not just a channel

Typically, it’s assumed that a chatbot is another channel. This is justified. The chatbot takes on specific conversations and is available only on a website, or perhaps an app. Above all, it is static; that is, slow to learn, clunky to change and sequestered to one place.

This is not the case for the Einstein Bot. It is a complete platform enabling a business to build, craft, manage, and deploy the Einstein Bot into multiple channels for a variety of use cases. While a typical chatbot’s purpose is deflection, the Einstein Bot is far more versatile, capable of deflection, but also of enrichment (think customer authentication, qualification questions, etc.), routing to a knowledgeable agent or to a different channel (like call-me-back options) and empowerment, where the agent receives the entire transcript of the conversation and even certain case fields pre-filled.

The capability does not stop there. Businesses can construct customer journeys from the root of the conversation: using the customer’s intent. Flowing from there, the Einstein Bot framework allows users to set up dialogs - complete with questions, actions and rules - to guide and resolve queries. In the backend, training data and analytics are available to continuously improve performance and more closely align to customers’ problems.

Think of the Einstein Bot as an orchestration framework, a place from where you can direct conversational traffic for the most repetitive, straightforward and transactional tasks.

#2 DigitalGenius extends Einstein Bot capabilities

Whereas Einstein Bot conversations are excellent at delivering a guided journey, DigitalGenius is purpose built to plug into the Einstein Bot framework and extend it in two directions.

Firstly, in automating one-touch interactions. DigitalGenius AutoPilot recognizes customer intent, and automates processes across back office systems, to immediately surface specific customer data like flight status information, and package it into a personal response. With four separate AI models, DigitalGenius can deliver a range of results from answer classification to information (also known as entity) extraction. The reply can be delivered through the Einstein Bot framework, without requiring the customer to shift channels.

Secondly, DigitalGenius can boost the consistency and improve handling time of conversations in CoPilot mode. When conversations become too complex, one-off or emotional, there is an escalation out of the AI-led conversation to a human agent. Now, the customer service agent is provided answer prompts within the Salesforce Service Cloud Console to reply in the most appropriate manner.

DigitalGenius plugs into the Einstein Bot with boosted AI capability to enhance the customer journey with appropriate automation.

#3 NeuraFlash brings hefty experience to a young industry

Artificial Intelligence has been sequestered in the academic, theoretical realm for nearly 70 years, so while the concepts are not new, the application is fresh. Working with an experienced team in this space is critical, and while businesses are catching up and learning, it’s a gamble to apply AI to customer service without working with an experienced  party. You only get one shot at delivering a good experience to your customers and partnering with a thought leader like NeuraFlash guarantees that each solution is built right the first time and structured to evolve you as your business does.

A partner whose sole interest is the successful implementation and adoption of AI is invaluable. NeuraFlash is staffed with Salesforce and AI experts ready to  help you to assess the application, your objectives for launch and define what success means to your business. With the partnership defined, you can lean on them to help you select and deliver the Salesforce and AI solutions that best fits your business needs.

NeuraFlash has delivered multiple, cross-vertical  deployments of AI and Einstein Bots for their customers. Deep industry expertise and tools enable them to have a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced when launching solutions powered by AI.  Pearson Education, a current customer of NeuraFlash is just one example.  Pearson, is scoring 20% reduction in average handle time (AHT) just weeks after go live with the  Einstein Bot.

To dive in, schedule a discovery call to see how you can harness the power of AI today.

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