Casie Lemaire
Jun 5, 2017

Five ways to ensure your system objectives and design match your customer service mission

Five ways to ensure your system objectives and design match your customer service mission

You want to empower your customer service agents with tools and information to help them quickly resolve questions for your customers, so you’ve purchased or are about to purchase Salesforce Service Cloud. Or maybe you’ve deployed Service Cloud with another partner or internally and haven’t achieved your expectations for usability and customer experience.


Help is here! We’ve put together a series of Service Cloud Implementation “Best Practice” guide articles, which will show you how to optimize your CRM investment and provide your users the best experience possible.


First up are the 5 best ways to ensure your objectives and systems design match your company’s service mission. In later articles, we’ll cover configuration, reports, and training.  

  1. Your customers’ service experience via Service Cloud should embody the service mission of your brand.In order to do that, it must be built into the implementation project’s objective from the beginning. For example, the service mission at American Express is: ”We own our customers’ problems and see them through to resolution, and will speak up on behalf of our customers when rules and policies don’t make sense.” For Zappos, it’s “to deliver ‘WOW’ through service, and to ‘WOW’ means doing something that’s above and beyond what’s expected.” The difference between each company’s service mission is nuanced but important. Are you looking to reduce the total number of calls customers make? Or do you want to ensure that each contact is a helpful, memorable experience, despite how many are made? The objective of your system should reflect the nuance of your service mission.
  2. Design a thoughtful system plan for an optimal customer and agent experience.Start with an initial business process review to identify your current best and worse processes, and future needs. You will need to create use cases, define metrics and dashboards, link customer touchpoints, think about customization options and enhancement requirements for your business. If you need help with system design, reach out to the readily available Salesforce Consulting partners who are skilled and experienced in system planning and design.
  3. Simplify the experience for your agents, to allow them to focus on the customer and issue at hand instead of on the system itself.Service Cloud is designed to enable customer service to run as effectively and efficiently as possible, so to maximize it’s potential, think simplicity in process and interface as you design your system. Aim to provide as much information to agents as possible, but not so much that it’s overwhelming. Make their jobs easier, not more complicated, so that the end result is an optimal customer experience.
  4. Create a seamless omni-channel offering.Designing a plan that aggregates and manages customer inquiries originating from all channels, and routes them to the best agent, is critical to an efficient system. Service Cloud’s omni-channel capabilities let you easily route the right cases to the right agents, so make sure you are optimally utilizing this functionality. Getting the correct details to the right agent so that they resolve customer issues quickly makes for happy customers and empowered agents. It also reduces service response time and time-to-resolution.
  5. Provide a robust self-service offering for your customers.Linking a knowledge database with your customer website, app, and communities will allow your customers to help themselves via any device, when appropriate. And if they can do this quickly and effortlessly, their satisfaction goes up and your service costs are reduced. A well-thought-out self-service offering should be an essential piece of your system design – whether a knowledge base, conversational Einstein Chatbot, or Interactive Voice Response.

Need help with your Service Cloud implementation system design and objectives? NeuraFlash has deep experience in automation, and a keen focus on intuitive design for customers and employees, to make sure you are optimizing your investment in Salesforce Service Cloud. Call us today at 844-638-7235 and let’s get your system design started.

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