Voicebots: A New World of Customer Experience

November 4, 2021

Are you paying third party costs for speech recognition?

Have you not deployed speech because it's too expensive?

We are here to let you know that it is attainable with Amazon Connect! 

Although the world is well into the rise of chatbots, there’s still a compelling need to make sure your customers have a great experience on any channel they choose to contact you. That’s where Voicebots come in! Through our strong partnership with Amazon, we can help you to easily build and maintain conversational IVR flows that route callers more efficiently, with the goal of enhancing your customer experience! 

What is Amazon Lex and what are the benefits? 

Amazon Lex is an amazing tool that builds conversational interfaces into any application using both voice and text! These Bots are not only designed for a request and response interaction, but can also be designed for a continuous streaming conversation. If your company is looking to cut operational costs, while automating customer service interactions to deliver faster responses to queries, it is time to implement Amazon Lex for your Chatbot! It is easy to use, includes one-click deployment, is cost-effective, and as a result will reduce wait times and drive higher customer satisfaction.

image via Amazon Lex

How does Amazon Lex work?

Amazon Lex Chatbots convert incoming speech to text and understand the user’s intent to generate accurate responses. Our team will work with you to focus on differentiated value-adds for your customers, by focusing on the Bot’s:

  • Intent: An intent represents the action that the user wants to perform! When an end-user interacts with the Bot, the user’s query is matched to the best intent available in the bot. 
  • Utterance: Utterances are the specific phrases that people will use when making a request to your Bot! 
  • Promote: This is the Bot message designed to gather the data needed to complete the requested action.
  • Slot: Slots contain structured data that can easily be used to perform some logic or generate responses.
  • Fulfillment: This is the completed action based on the user request! 

How we launch your Voicebot 

Why NeuraFlash for your Voicebot implementation

NeuraFlash understands natural language, and we work hard to make sure your customers feel as if they’re speaking with a human agent. For queries that require human agents, we will work with you to automate internal customer support processes to free up agent time, so that you can remain more customer-focused!” -Lynn Olson, Vice President of Amazon Connect at NeuraFlash

  • 70+ Amazon Connect Deployments with Omni-Channel solutions
  • 35+ AWS Certifications; experience across all services
  • 20+ Years Transforming Contact Centers

Here at NeuraFlash, we have developed the following add-ons based on our experience with this product: 

  • Voicebot Insights:  We can help you measure your Voicebot’s self-service transactional effectiveness with real-time dashboards and views
  • Voicebot Localization Engine: Build for one locale, deploy in every locale
  • Voice Survey: We can help you measure your agent’s effectiveness in the moment
  • Chat UI Enhancer: We can implement an Amazon Connect customer chat window that helps to drive best-in-class chat experiences
  • Agent Desktop Solutions:
    - For CCP desktop customizations, we can add an enhanced screen pop
    - We offer enhanced features for voicemail solutions 
    - We can provide you with enhanced transcription views

If you are ready to power your Contact Center with Amazon Lex, contact us today!

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