Casie Lemaire
Apr 17, 2019

3 Key Takeaways from the Field Service Session at Boston World Tour

3 Key Takeaways from the Field Service Session at Boston World Tour

3 Key Takeaways from Enabling Field Service Lightning in 8 weeks

It's hard to believe that Boston World tour was already two weeks ago. How time flies! We are looking back on the incredible Field Service Session led by our very own Jason Kitchen on how you can Enable Intelligent Field Service Lightning in only 8 weeks/90 Days. With over 40 attendees, we wanted to share our 3 key takeaways from the presentation.

ONE: The Future of Field Service is now.

IoT and Einstein are changing the way field service operates. From fueling proactive maintenance, self-service, automated recommendations, or increasing first-time fix rate. Here are the top FIVE intelligent features changing the Field Service game.

Internet of Things (IoT): Ever wish the products, machinery or parts you sold could tell you something was wrong before they breakdown? This is now possible leveraging IoT. You can now more efficiently provide proactive maintenance to your customers.

Einstein Bots: Field Service Lightning can leverage Chatbots for Salesforce to enable a seamless self-service customer experience and appointment booking.

Einstein Next Best Action: Offer Tailored User Recommendations and Predictive Models based on Customer Data Points/Service History resulting in Service Contract Upsells, and other areas of opportunity within a Customer’s Journey.

Einstein Vision: The image classification arm of Einstein. Increase first-time fix rates starting with identifying and enabling your mobile workforce with visibility into the part their replacing, coupled with Lightning Knowledge for best practices to fix.

Einstein Analytics: Data is power. The more you know, the more you understand, the more you can optimize. Visualize your Field Service Lightning data and deeply understand how to reach and exceed your KPIs.

TWO: Best Practices to ensure a best-in-class, time-to-value Field Service Implementation

Through thought leadership, many successful FSL Projects and the learnings from one of the most successful Field Service Implementations to date, Samson Rope, here are the FIVE best practices to a successful rollout of Intelligent Field Service Lightning:

  1. Clearly define what success looks like for the Project: Clearly define what Success looks like, Define a Minimal Viable Product with Acceptance Criteria
  2. Understand where your company is on the Field Service Engagement Journey: Visualize Data, Contain Costs, Optimize Resources, Disrupt your Industry
  3. Choose the Implementation Approach: Work with an Implementation Expert to clearly define the Phased vs Big Bang approach and advantages of both.
  4. Change Management Strategy: Defining a Change Management + Training strategy is key to implementation success and User Adoption/ROI.
  5. Strategic Partnership: Partnering with an FSL Partner Expert with Best Practices and Thought Leadership across Verticals and Complex Use Cases will ensure a successful roll out and clear ROI.

THREE: NeuraFlash and Field Service Lightning

We are here to help you achieve success in your Field Service. As the AI partner of Salesforce and one of the top FSL partners in the country, we have the combined expertise, IP and tools to help you implement a best-in-class, time-to-value field service lightning solution that will increase efficiency while delivering a top-notch customer experience.

*NeuraFlash Field Service Practice Overview

NeuraFlash is a Silver Partner with Deep Expertise in Service Cloud & Field Service Lightning Practice. Our practice is led by our field service and service cloud guru, Jason Kitchen, a 16+ certified Salesforce Application & System Architect.

We are one of the top FSL Partners in the Country, selected by Salesforce as one of the founding members/go to FSL Partners within exclusive FSL Partner Program. Additionally, we have the top FSL Customer Success Story (8 Week deployment, Samson Rope - oldest trademarked Co. in the United States)

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