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Aug 14, 2019

The Acquisition of Tableau, Salesforce continues to bet on BIG data

The Acquisition of Tableau, Salesforce continues to bet on BIG data

With the Acquisition of Tableau, Salesforce Continues to bet on BIG data.

How the Acquisition of Tableau Validates Salesforce’s Strategic AI Roadmap and What It Means for End Users.
We need a new generation of executives who understand how to manage and lead through data. And we also need a new generation of employees who are able to help us organize and structure our businesses around that data. Marc Benioff


Since its founding in 1999, Salesforce has been a pioneer in digital transformation, as one of the first companies to successfully deliver a fully cloud-based product with its platform.  Starting from its “No-Software” slogan and SaaS-first product offerings, Salesforce believes in not just evolving with the times, but actually staying ahead of the curve. They have consistently modeled what a modern technology company should look like to provide solutions and build for the future

With the launch of the Einstein AI portfolio in 2017, Salesforce made it clear that in order to deliver progressive solutions that better meet the needs of the 21st-century end-user, companies will need to offer solutions that assist with digital transformation. Now more than ever, Salesforce has been paving the way for digital transformation by investing in solutions such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Augmented Analytics.  Let’s take a look at some of Salesforce’s recent acquisitions throughout the years and see how they all tie together to align with their strategic AI roadmap. 



In 2016, Salesforce acquired BeyondCore, a Business Intelligence company that specializes in data science. Salesforce integrated BeyondCore’s SaaS data analytics software with its own data science software to create its Data Discovery product. With the combination of this new product and its Einstein portfolio, Salesforce was able to offer descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, cost efficient and prescriptive bias-free analytics, strengthening its AI roadmap and its support for digital transformation by “putting the power of insightful, accurate, intuitive and actionable analytics in the hands of every business user.” With the Einstein Data Discovery product, one can analyze millions of dataset combinations in minutes.  



With the MuleSoft acquisition, Salesforce was able to fully invest in the Enterprise Big Data market, leveraging MuleSoft’s products to bring in Enterprise data from anywhere at anytime. With this investment in integrations and connecting Enterprise data, Salesforce has needed an answer on how to deliver on the data visualization side for Enterprises. Mulesoft and Salesforce together will allow for companies to go faster in their digital transformation resulting in better customer relationship management. 



Earlier this week, Salesforce announced that it was going to be acquiring Tableau, the leading Big Data Visualization company within the Analytics space. For a rather hefty price of $16.7 billion, Salesforce will continue to invest in expanding its Analytics suite, adding to its ability to scale its data visualization capabilities at an Enterprise level. Following the large acquisition of MuleSoft last year, Salesforce looks to pair Tableau’s data visualization software with the Enterprise Integrations offerings it inherited from MuleSoft to create a more comprehensive data analytics product offering.  Though Salesforce has been investing in its in-house Analytics capabilities with Einstein Analytics, Salesforce will look to their analytics features a boost similar to the way it did when it acquired BeyondCore to introduce and build out what is now their comprehensive data science Einstein Discovery product. It has yet to be seen whether or not Salesforce is going to introduce a whole new product offering in addition to Einstein Analytics by keeping and improving some of the products that Tableau offers now, but based on this large investment, it appears that the company will be looking to add a lot of new features and capabilities to its Analytics product suite. 

*By combining the forces of the #1 CRM and the #1 analytics platform, Tableau is sure to transform and empower businesses and careers through technology.  *As Salesforce doubles down in this area, we here at Neuraflash are dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and looking for new ways that we can utilize the AI side of Analytics to change the world through data and digital transformation, and provide a customer centered view of the world  which Tableau is sure to bring. 


NeuraFlash and Einstein Analytics

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