5 Years of NeuraFlash: A Journey of Voyagers

It's hard to believe that it has been five years since NeuraFlash first made its debut into the Salesforce ecosystem in 2016! The growth we’ve seen is exponential & it’s humbling to see the success we have gained since our beginnings.
The Outcomes
 5 Years of NeuraFlash: A Journey of Voyagers

Behind every successful company is an extraordinary team of people. From the very beginning, we knew that our secret weapon was going to be our people. We wanted to build not only a strong team, but also a culture that was grounded in resiliency, innovation & people first. This would ensure that we would deliver innovative solutions & amplify customer experiences, all with the best people in the industry. It's hard to believe that it has been five years since NeuraFlash first made its debut into the Salesforce ecosystem in 2016! The growth we’ve seen is exponential & it’s humbling to see the success we have gained since our beginnings. In just 5 short years, we gone from: 

  • 3 to 270+ employees
  • 10 to 300+ customers
  • 1 - 20+ Salesforce Supporting Products 
  • Base tier to Summit Partner (Formally Named Platinum)

Today, we’re a leading AI & Summit Consulting/ ISV Partner of Salesforce (& pretty proud of it)! But all of this growth didn’t happen overnight; it is all thanks to our team’s unwavering commitment to best-in-class customer experiences & our innovative voyagers who always see the glass as half full. 

Our journey has been full of challenges, excitement, amazing teammates, & wonderful customers & it’s with great joy we look towards the next 5 years! 

2016: Headed Towards Launch

Tom Chisholm, Brett Chisholm, Dennis Thomas & Jim Hunt have always been a group of fearless go-getters. Together, they have over twenty years of experience in the Chatbot, Digital Channel, & Natural Language Processing industries, primarily from Nuance Communications and HeyWire (Now Salesforce Message). 

At the time of their new business endeavor, there was a large void in the partner space for Salesforce around the areas of AI & digital channels. Our co-founders saw this as an unprecedented opportunity for growth & innovation. In June of 2016, working shoulder to shoulder in a small Burlington, MA office space, launched NeuraFlash to help build the bridge between companies & their customers with cutting edge Salesforce technology. The goal of these pioneers? They were on a mission to transform the employee & customer experiences with AI and digital channels. 

“Since the beginning our goal was to help companies get the most out of their Salesforce investment. We saw the rise in importance of automation and digital channels and wanted to help companies deliver powerful experiences across their brand to create more efficiencies, better quality, and better experiences.” CEO & Co-Founder, T. Brett Chisholm 

2016-2018: Building Our Salesforce Alliance 

Our partnership with Salesforce began in the later part of summer 2016, & our leadership team was eager to grow the business & skill-up their workforce. Our success started to pivot when the Salesforce MVP, Kartik Viswanadha joined the team. We knew there was a need for someone who lived & breathed all things Salesforce, & Kartik’s position was instrumental in helping us to move the company forward  (he even helped us to win our first deal with Best Doctors!

Fast forward a few months, we became part of the Salesforce AI Incubator program, now known as Salesforce Accelerate, which was a pivotal moment for us in our first year. It solidified our spot in the Salesforce ‘Ohana’ & established our position in the market. We were able to form solid relationships within our ecosystem & from there, we were selected to implement the majority of the Einstein Bot pilots- including a very successful rollout with Pearson Education. 

“The NeuraFlash team has been more than helpful throughout our Salesforce project. Not only did they take the time to understand our business and our needs, but they also assisted us in every single step of the project. Their experience, their patience and their dedication will definitely have us working with them again!” NeuraFlash Customer

2019: Building Momentum

Every business reaches an inflection point where change is inevitable & ours occurred near the end of 2019, when we saw an acceleration of growth. To support this rocketship growth trajectory, we knew we needed to focus on hiring more individuals who look at challenges as opportunities to create innovative solutions. As time went on & our team expanded, we continued to dominate the market. As we accelerated through this strategic point of inflection, we knew we were about to scale to new heights, although we had no idea the amount of digital transformations that were about to take place because of COVID-19. 

2020: The Rise Of Remote Working

In March of 2020, in true NeuraFlash fashion, our team was more driven than ever to help businesses deal with the change that COVID-19 would bring. Overnight, companies & entire industries had to quickly shift to the all-digital, work-from-anywhere world. Customer care teams were overwhelmed with concerned consumers, manual work needed to now be digitized, & consumers were hunkering down in their homes & turning to digital channels as a way to interact with the world. We saw the impact this would have & geared up to help businesses get back on their feet & start thriving again. 

“During this time, we were very fortunate to work in an industry where remote work is common, and we could continue to be productive and deliver innovative, best-in-class Salesforce experiences to our customers. Our team was already prepared for a remote world, so it was exciting to see how we continued to support each other and thrive!” - T. Brett Chisholm, NeuraFlash CEO

2020 was a year truly like no other. Like many others, we had to re-envision every part of our business — how we work remotely; how we keep our own employees safe & healthy; but most importantly, how we help our customers navigate the new digital world. Throughout the year, we saw significant acceleration in digital transformation in every industry we worked with &  we feel grateful that we experienced a year of record growth. 

Looking ahead to the next 5 years: The future looks bright 

As the 11th rated global partner of Salesforce and as a strategic partner for Amazon Web Services, we have a lot of ambitious plans for the future! With more than 300 clients in the books, including Affirm and Sonos, and across many industries such as manufacturing, high-tech, & retail, this pace of digital transformation shows no signs of slowing down, so neither do we! Our expertise spans across the Salesforce & Amazon Connect ecosystems & the products we build here help transform contact center and field service operations so our customers can better serve their customers in a way that is refreshingly seamless. 

We know that a remarkable customer experience is critical to the sustained growth of our company. Moving forward, we will continue to invest in the technologies that help bridge gaps for our customers as this new normal continues to evolve & we will further invest in our employees so that they are focused on getting jobs done, & done well, no matter what!

Better employee experiences, better business outcomes

We have always believed that companies who prioritize employee experience are better positioned to be successful & build competitive advantages. Providing great employee experiences has always been a passion of ours &  the future of our company is directly tied to the quality of the people that we have. As we move on to the next 5 years, we will continue to provide our employees with endless opportunities for growth & will continue to hire strong trendsetters who will help lead the way for innovation & transformation on the Salesforce and Amazon Connect Platforms. 

NeuraFlash is a place that likes to challenge everyone to be the best they can be. If you are looking to push yourself to be the best, this is the place for you” -Current NeuraFlash Employee

We are proud to have: 

270+ Employees and Growing

310+ Salesforce Certifications 

300+ Active Salesforce Customers 

Our company's growth is something we are extremely excited about. We have doubled in size just this year alone & we are continuing to hire! If you are interested in a position at NeuraFlash, click here.

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