Innovative Technologies are Helping Retailers Drive Customer Experience & Loyalty

Weave together the entire shopping process from inspiration to purchase to service, both in the digital and physical worlds!
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Innovative Technologies are Helping Retailers Drive Customer Experience & Loyalty

Weave together the entire shopping process from inspiration to purchase to service, both in the digital and physical worlds!

Shopping today looks nothing like it’s former self…the retail industry is in the midst of a digital revolution and retailers have had to operate at start-up speed to keep up! Within the last few years, our team at NeuraFlash has helped numerous retail brands find business success by implementing Salesforce & Amazon technologies to know, personalize and engage shoppers like never before! To increase sales, and to gain customer loyalty, retailers, brands, and online marketplaces must understand and navigate an increasingly complex ecosystem of consumer expectations, especially now that consumers rely on multiple digital channels for browsing and buying. 

We understand what you’re going through.

  • Each buyer’s journey is different, which is what is causing this complex ecosystem. 
  • Seamless customer service, from sale to service, is what determines customer loyalty. 
  • Post pandemic, shopping has become digital, but is also starting to become a more hybrid experience as we make our way through 2022. 

How is this affecting your business?

  • Customers are looking for immediate service, no matter the time or location. 
  • Your employees are looking for flexible roles, and need tech to work more efficiently. 
  • Stores are going hybrid, so you don’t have a picture of every customer. 

8 is the average number of channels a customer uses to communicate with brands.” -Connected Shopper Research Report, Salesforce 2022

How we support customers like you! 

“Through 2022, most retailers plan to boost spending on technology as part of their digital business transformation efforts.” (Gartner 2022). 

Here are some ways we can help your business transform in a digital-first world! 

Unify the shopper experience with Service Cloud 

  • Unify the entire shopper experience across channels
  • Easily manage individual mshopper journeys, at scale, and in real time
  • Increase conversion based on having a 360 degree view of your customers, including browsing activity and order history

Bring together your service planning, process, and people with Workforce Engagement

  • Stay ahead of changing business priorities and customer trends with day-to-day dynamic forecasting accuracy 
  • Balance staffing needs with the right agents with the right resources at the right time. 
  • Better manage staffing resources in this new work-from-anywhere environment.

Provide exceptional customer service experiences with Chatbots, Voicebots & Service Cloud Voice 

  • Leverage artificial intelligence to drive lasting customer loyalty

  • Reduce agent handle time for agents 
  • Boost engagement across every customer-facing channel

“80% of shoppers will abandon a retailer after three bad experiences!” Salesforce, November 2021 

Leave your customers thinking “WOW!” with Experience Cloud 

  • Resolve issues faster by supplying your agents with knowledge and instructions to troubleshoot customer issues, fast!
  • Give your employees an opportunity to collaborate and connect across departments. 

Become more strategic, & get granular with your data, thanks to Tableau CRM 

  • Allow your customer data to be seamlessly woven into every action and decision taken in Salesforce.  
  • Empower your sales and service teams with actionable insights to spot opportunities and predict outcomes. 
  • Lower the case age average 

Don’t just take our word for it

An female clothing & beauty retailer deploys 5 Salesforce products to increase self-service and agent productivity

This Retailer was not an existing customer of Salesforce, but due to Covid-19 they had to quickly stand up a compelling online experience. Their agents used multiple, disparate systems which caused long case handle times for simple use cases, like order status. Because of this, they needed a 360° view of the customer and a unified agent desktop. 

In just 6 weeks, working with NeuraFlash, this brand was able to implement an Einstein Bot for Service, a customer community, and Social Studio to increase self-service and agent productivity. With Tableau CRM, they are now able unlock powerful insights about agent performance, CSAT and bot performance. 

Their results

  • 89k+ total chat volume 
  • 30% chat case deflection achieved
  • 15% increase in overall engagement

Want to see another success story? In this webinar replay you will hear from our customer, April Cornell, who doubled the agent efficiency by working with our team at NeuraFlash to implement Salesforce. 

Ready to learn more about our retail solutions? Contact us today!

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