Step up your Service Game:
Add a Conversational Chatbot.  

Service Chatbots help you create powerful experiences to meet your customer when ever, where ever. They provide

  •  Personalization
  • Conversational Engagements
  • Availability  24/7 
  • Coverage across multiple channels 

Leverage a conversational Einstein Bot, natively integrated into Salesforce and help your teams handle common FAQs, complaints, order status, troubleshooting and more.

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Salesforce Einstein Bots lower overhead costs while improving CSAT!
Power Self-Service
Deflect common FAQs & troubleshooting questions by automating responses, allowing customers to self-service, and answer their inquiries without talking to a person. This can increase customer satisfaction by 40% while decreasing overhead costs by 20%!
Increase Personalization
Einstein Bots aren’t limited to words! Address your customers by name and add UI elements like videos and gifs. The more you personalize your experience, create a user friendly design, the happier your customers will be!  
Agent Productivity
Get the right customer, to the right agent, at the right time. With automation self-service you are also allowing your agents to focus on  more complex questions. This can decrease agent handle time 20% while increasing case resolution time by 30%!
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